Our history extends back to 1983, when the insurance company Skandia started up an operation that invested in unlisted growth companies.

The company became independent in 1998, when it changed its name to Priveq. For more than 40 years, Priveq has successfully invested in over 130 Swedish companies, bringing 29 of them to the stock market. Throughout our history we have consistently focused on helping Swedish growth companies to keep developing using our capital and knowledge.

Historically, the main investors in Priveq have been long-term Swedish pension fund managers, but in recent years we have also attracted many international investors. Today, the majority of our investment comes from European and American long-term investors, adding to our traditional base of Nordic investors.

Over the years, Priveq has been very successful. We rank highly in the top quartile of the best-performing private equity firms in Europe.


Skandia starts Skandia Investment (now Priveq) to make investments in unlisted companies


Priveq’s first investment in Finland, KCI-Konecranes


Priveq becomes an independent company


The first majority investment in Sydtotal


Priveq completes its 100th investment, SanSac


Priveq’s first investment in Norway, CSAM Health


Priveq completes its 25th IPO, ByggPartner i Dalarna


Priveq’s first investment in Denmark, Trendhim

Our offer

Priveq invests in growth companies across a wide range of sectors. We seek out unique companies that are leaders in their individual segments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss Priveq’s passion: companies and entrepreneurship.

Nordic market

Companies should be based in the Nordics, but we take a positive view of a planned or initiated internationalisation process.

Growth companies

For more than 40 years, we have participated in developing over 130 growth companies, the overwhelming majority being Swedish.

Structured corporate governance

With our experience of taking 29 companies to the stock market, Priveq brings its in-depth knowledge of creating value through structured corporate governance. (Note that we never take on an executive role in partner companies)

Investment focus

The companies that Priveq invests in generally satisfy the following criteria:

Sales of SEK 100-1,000m

Good growth


Strong market position

Competent and goal-oriented management

Value creation – owners in collaboration

We believe in the strength of combining our ownership competence with entrepreneurs’ experience and executive capacities. We bring the capital and the knowledge the companies need to achieve stable expansion. We also bring clear and active partnership and a long-term and honest commitment.

Industrial network

Priveq has spent many years accumulating an extensive contact network of skilled professionals from a wide range of different sectors. These individuals all possess sector-specific competence and complement our own network of personal and business contacts worldwide.

Individuals from our network are currently represented in many of our companies. Priveq is delighted and proud to collaborate with these skilled professionals.

For further information, please contact

Mats Hjerpe
Partner & Investment Manager
Phone: +46 8 459 67 71
Mobile:+46 70 630 24 60
Email: mats.hjerpe@priveq.se

Fund overview

To date, Priveq has been given the trust to manage a total value of close to ten billion Swedish kronor. We are currently investing capital from the Priveq Investment VI, which amounts to SEK 2,500m. Skandia Investment I, a so-called Evergreen fund, was established in 1983. This fund is now closed.




Fund Size

Priveq Investment VI
Investing actively
SEK 2,500m
Priveq Investment V
Fully invested
SEK 2,300m
Priveq Investment IV
SEK 1,800m
Priveq Investment III
SEK 1,200m
Priveq Investment II
SEK 1,000m


During 40 years of long-term, successful operation, Priveq has attracted well-recognised institutional investors to its funds. These investors, currently a favourable mix of Swedish and international institutions, such as pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, provide good security for Priveq with their long-term investment perspective.

Overview Fund IV-VI

Type of investor 

Investor per region