Ports Group is the obvious partner for all companies that want to avoid business risks caused by lack of brand protection. In a world of accelerating globalization and digitalization, branding is becoming increasingly important. Ports Group has created a strong position in this market and is now taking the next step in the company’s journey to expansion together with Magdalena.

“Ports Group is a very exciting SaaS company with great growth potential, and I am so happy for this opportunity to join as CEO and co-owner,” says Magdalena Bonde.

Magdalena will take over the position as CEO of Ports Group, October 11, 2021.

Magdalena Bonde has more than 20 years of experience as a leader and visionary in the business world with a special emphasis on technology, digitalization, and growth strategies. Magdalena most recently came from Eniro AB (publ), where she held several senior positions, of which in recent years as CEO.

“We are proud and happy to present Magdalena Bonde as our new CEO. Magdalena’s solid background as a leader in general, and long experience of brands and digital transformation in particular, make her the right person to lead and develop Ports Group in the future,” says Jakob Svärdström, Chairman of the Board of Port Group.

Ports Group is a market leader in brand security. Ports Group handles several of Sweden’s strongest brands, such as Spotify, Qlik and Folksam, where they are responsible for the management, monitoring and protection of brands and digital assets through a SaaS-based business model and automated platform. Ports Group has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. Ports Group’s main owner is Priveq Investment fund IV.

For more information contact:

Jakob Svärdström, Chairman of the Board, Ports Group AB
Tel: +46 70 422 51 66

Magdalena Bonde, CEO, Ports Group AB
Tel: +46 76 112 00 48

For further information, please contact

Louise Nilsson
Partner & CEO
Phone: +46 8 459 67 63
Mobile: +46 70 950 95 50
Email: louise.nilsson@priveq.se