Priveq has announced that we will introduce an award that will be given to the Priveq portfolio company who has made the most positive progress during the past year. Apart from the honour of receiving the price, the winner will receive a check to be handed to a charity or a non-profit organisation of free choice.

And the winner 2022 is ROL – congratulations!

Motivation to the award:

  • Taken comprehensive approach to sustainability
  • Developed a sustainability strategy that comprises 13 target areas
  • They are using data-driven methods & insights to target improvements
  • Used innovation to drive sustainable engineering into their products & services
  • They are fully capable of taking the leading role to fulfill client-driven initiatives

Please visit the website here for more information about ROL.

For further information, please contact

Karl-Johan Willén
Partner & Investment Manager
Phone: +46 8 459 67 66
Mobile: +46 70 950 88 25