Priveq Investment divests El-Björn to Connecting Capital

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After five years as majority owner in El-Björn International AB, Priveq Investment together with other owners divest the company to the Swedish investment company Connecting Capital.

El-Björn, with headquarters located in Anderstorp in the south of Sweden, is a leading supplier of temporary installations for power distribution, climate control and lighting to the European market. During Priveq’s ownership period, El-Björn has increased its turnover from SEK 180m to SEK 250m, in combination with industry-leading profitability. Through active product development and focus on quality, the company has strengthened its position as the leading player within its segment.

”During Priveq’s ownership, El-Björn has consolidated its position in the Nordics and established a good position for further growth internationally. With its experience, we believe that Connecting Capital has very good opportunities to take the next step in the development of El-Björn – for the benefit of management, the employees and the customers” says Henrik Westfeldt, Partner at Priveq and member of the board of El-Björn.

”With its great experience from other growth companies, Priveq has brought focus and clarity to our expansion strategy and through its active ownership supported us to create the structural capital necessary for our continued expansion” says Sören Sjöö, CEO of El-Björn. “The conditions for further growth are very good and it feels exciting to take this step with Connecting Capital.”

”Connecting Capital, with long business experience of business in the entrepreneurial city of Anderstorp through its ownership of ABA of Sweden AB, is pleased to take over as active owner of El-Björn and to take part in running the internationalization process the company started under Priveq’s management”, says Lars Nordin, CEO of Connecting Capital and incoming Chairman of the Board of El-Björn.

Financial adviser in the process to El-Björn and its owners has been Valentum.

For further information, please contact:

Henrik Westfeldt, Priveq Investment
Tel. +46 708 72 16 66

Lars Nordin, VD Connecting Capital
Tel. +46 707 33 44 74

Sören Sjöö, VD El-Björn International
Tel. +46 706 20 33 88

About El-Björn International
El-Björn develops and manufactures complete solutions for power distribution, climate control and lighting for temporary installations. The company has approximately 80 employees of which the majority work in Sweden. Sweden and Norway are El-Björn’s primary markets, with some sales in the other Nordic countries, England and the Baltic States. El-Björn’s headquarters is located in Anderstorp, where the company runs its production. More information is available at

About Connecting Capital
Connecting Capital is a Swedish investment company with roots in Swedish industry. The business is run in the form of a limited liability company with no time limits on its investments. Focus is on establishing productive and long-term relationships as a foundation for long-term industrial value creation through active and committed ownership.Connecting Capital makes investments within three business areas; capital management, real estate and unlisted industrial companies with their own products and good growth. Examples of unlisted companies are these: Götesson Industri AB, with acoustic solutions, lighting and climate control in both offices and in public environments; Persson Innovation AB, who produces and markets paper and plastic carrying handles and handle applicator machines; and Exeger Sweden AB, a trailblazing technology within solar/light cells for, among others, consumer electronics. More information is available at