Priveq publishes its sustainability report for 2023, which describes our sustainability work from investment to divestment. The report covers the three sustainability areas environment, social factors and corporate governance and presents the aspects we have chosen to focus on within these areas. We also report KPIs within the three sustainability areas for our portfolio companies, as well as for the portfolio as a whole.

During 2023, we have continued to support our companies in developing their own company-specific sustainability strategies. We have organized training in various areas such as CSRD, Scope 3 reporting and anti-corruption.

Priveq’s ESG Award was awarded to the consulting company Frontit after they meritoriously demonstrated how a service company can include sustainability in its business model. We are also pleased to present two new investments in Sunds Fibertech and FrostPharma, both of which have clear product advantages for reducing the climate footprint.

We have also prepared Priveq for an Article 8 classification of future funds and here we have chosen to focus our efforts on reduced climate impact, equality and diversity, data security, sustainable workplaces and anti-corruption and business integrity.

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