FrostPharma, an entrepreneurial specialty pharma company specializing in commercialization of value-adding medicines and climate impact healthcare consumables, welcomes Priveq as a new growth partner.

FrostPharma signed its first product agreements in 2017 and has since then launched over 50 products. Through strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies from Europe, USA and Asia a significant pipeline of new products has been secured covering a broad range of disease areas. While building a pharmaceutical company with a hospital and specialty pharma focus, FrostPharma has also developed a proprietary portfolio under the tradename Woodsafe. Woodsafe is a risk waste product offering a 66% reduction of CO2 compared to the products currently used in the healthcare sector.

“FrostPharma has been successful in attaining new products proactively and fast delivered strong commercial results. We are impressed by the founders and management team and thrilled to enter this partnership to accelerate the development together with them. As an investor with a strong ESG agenda we also very much look forward to contribute to the success of Woodsafe, a product that has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions from the healthcare sector here and now“, says Karl-Johan Willén, Partner and Investment manager at Priveq.

With an established platform across the Nordic region and Baltics the plan is to continue investing in the organization and to further expand the product portfolio.

“We strongly believe that the partnership with Priveq will provide FrostPharma with opportunities for accelerated sustainable growth going forward. The Priveq team has confirmed a significant understanding of the FrostPharma business model throughout this process. They also bring a strong track-record of adding value in these partnerships. I very much look forward to working with Priveq and the entire FrostPharma team in this next exciting phase of the FrostPharma growth journey” says Fredrik Andersch, CEO at FrostPharma.

“From the start 2017 a pharmaceutical company with a strong commercial platform has been built from scratch, with all required pharma capabilities inhouse. FrostPharma now cover all Nordic markets and has effectively launched 50 products in just six years. We focus on hospital and specialty products that meet specific patient and healthcare needs, and the FrostPharma team is doing an extraordinary job in making this happen. It is now very exciting to take the next step for FrostPharma together with the support and knowledge of Priveq“, says Clas Lindbergson, Co-founder and Head of business development at FrostPharma.

EY Corporate Finance was advisor to FrostPharma’s shareholders throughout the process.

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