Priveq Investment V (“Priveq”) has, together with other owners, sold Ljung & Sjöberg Holding AB to a consortium of Nea Partners, Spiltan, current management and key personnel.

Ljung & Sjöberg is a private training and care company specializing in alcohol and drug problems in working life. The company is a market leader in its niche through its proactive work, unique treatment process and comprehensive service offering that includes sampling, training, executive support, treatment and boarding.

During Priveq’s ownership, Ljung & Sjöberg has carried out several business-improving and growth-oriented initiatives, including the digitization of treatment, the establishment of local offices and the development of the service portfolio to include co-dependency and stress in addition to alcohol, gambling and drug addiction. A new business area regarding in-house drug testing has been started and a rehabilitation center in Piteå has been acquired.

“Working with Ljung & Sjöberg for the past six years has been very enriching. It is a company with a very important business for society, as well as the individual, where all employees are really passionate about creating change and improvement for both customers and clients. Above all, we are proud of how management and employees showed fighting spirit during the covid years and happy that we at that time had developed our digital treatment models, which meant that all clients could safely continue treatment,” says Johanna Svensson, Partner at Priveq.

“After six years of very good cooperation together with the company’s management and employees where we have taken important steps in Ljung & Sjöberg’s development, we now hope that the new growth initiatives that we started in the last year will create opportunities for the next growth journey,” says Henrik Westfeldt, Partner at Priveq.

“It is with pride and gratitude that we look back on our six years with Priveq. Their support and commitment through ups and downs have been what created the positive growth foundation we stand on today. That they dared to gear us up and out of the pandemic years gave us as organization the power we needed to turn around” says Sarah Linderoth, CEO at Ljung & Sjöberg.

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