ROL AB (“ROL”), a global company offering a range of products and services that enable inspiring and integrated environments where we live, work, shop and socialize has partnered with Priveq Investment (“Priveq”) as a new minority owner to support the company in its accelerated growth strategy. The Hjelm family will continue as majority owners in the company with Arne Karlsson continuing as the Chairman of the Board.

The Hjelm family has been the driving force behind ROL’s development since 1985 when the entrepreneur Kaj Hjelm took over the company, at that time a Project Management business. Since then, ROL has evolved into new business areas together with global as well as local customers. ROL has exhibited strong growth and profitability historically, and by partnering with Priveq the intention is to continue and accelerate the company’s growth journey further.

Today ROL offers workspace solutions including software and ergonomically optimized office furniture and store concept solutions. ROL’s offering is sold globally both through ROL’s own sales organization and distributors. In 2020, ROL had a turnover of approximately SEK 1.6bn and 890 employees in ten different countries.

A significant step forward for ROL
“We are pleased to announce that Priveq will join the Hjelm family as owners of ROL AB”, says Rod Walker, CEO of ROL. “By combining traditional and new materials with deep knowledge in design and manufacturing, ROL is creating new possibilities for sustainable and circular environments. ROL extends this offering with integrated solutions built on our cloud-based platform, RIO, where data and analytics improve decision-making for our clients, Rod continues. This announcement marks a significant step forward for ROL and we are excited to gain the perspective and support of the Priveq team for the next phase of our development. Priveq’s insight will enable ROL to strengthen our position in the market and attract a variety of resources needed for expansion”.

“It all began in 1985 when I saw opportunities to offer the retail market cost-effective solutions based on smart production. Today, we are market leaders and active in several business areas and it felt natural to choose Priveq, with its experience from companies in similar stages of their development and a wide network of contacts, to enter as a partner. I believe that this collaboration will further elevate our company and make ROL an even more attractive player and secure the future of our employees, old as new, who gives their heart and soul to what ROL is today, says Kaj Hjelm, owner & founder at ROL.

“ROL’s offering and strong relationships with global blue-chips poses a strong foundation for continued expansion and we are looking forward to be working with the owners and management on this journey going forward”, says Henrik Jatko, Partner and Investment manager at Priveq. We are highly impressed by ROL’s innovative culture, customer commitment and their environmental and social sustainable perspective that permeates all operations” adds Martin Bjarnemar, Associate at Priveq.

For more information, please contact:

Henrik Jatko, Partner Priveq
+46 70 874 36 86

Stefan Sonéus
Communications, ROL AB
+46 73 663 88 94

About ROL
ROL is a global company offering a range of products and services that enable inspiring and integrated environments where we live, work, shop and socialize. With a worldwide presence ROL has an annual turnover of SEK 1,6bn and have 890 employees in ten different countries.

For further information, please contact

Henrik Jatko
Partner & Investment Manager
Phone: +46 8 459 67 75
Mobile: +46 70 874 36 86