Ever since it started business in 1993, the Office Management company has been characterised by entrepreneurship and ambitious targets. Or, as the company’s founder Johan Tilander once put it: “We have always worked with a ‘man on the moon’ goal.”

Office Management

In just five years, Priveq and its co-owners took Mediplast from its strong platform in Sweden to a market-leading position in the Nordic region for sales of healthcare consumables. Over the same period, Mediplast more than doubled its sales while maintaining high profitability.


In its six years with Priveq, San Sac went from being a Swedish to a Scandinavian company and managed to more than triple the sales of its products and services in source sorting, recycling and waste management. Today, the company’s containers, wastebaskets, waste containers, utensils and park furniture are everywhere in our local environment; in the tenant-owner association’s yard, in parks and in city centres.

San Sac

With the combination of one of the Skåne region’s most successful entrepreneurs, a strong corporate culture and Priveq’s ownership expertise, ventilation company Sydtotal began a new chapter in its history. Four years later, under Priveq’s majority ownership, sales had increased from SEK 350 million to SEK 670 million, and the profit margin had improved.


In 2003, the home furnishing company Hemtex was ‘refurbished’. Until 1999, Hemtex had been run as a voluntary specialist retail chain with a common wholesale function. In 2000, the company began to change its operations to become profitable and to also run its own stores. After three difficult years between 1999–2002, a new strategy was established and a new company management, led by CEO Anders Jansson, was appointed. But in order to be able to realise its expansion strategy, Hemtex needed an owner who could provide expertise and capital.